Bringing AAUW to Cleveland, Ohio’s East Side

AAUW’s strategic focus is to help women and girls achieve economic security, better educational opportunities, and access to more leadership roles. How? By training 10 million by 2022 in salary negotiation, seeking to strengthen federal and state pay equity laws, and encouraging employers to set fair pay practices. You can take the free online training. You can help.

If you have not yet registered for AAUW’s Work Smart Online course, do it today!  It’s free online. Work at your own pace.   Work Smart Online.  Read more about the benefits…

AAUW empowers you and helps you take a stand. We do the research to back up what we say. The American Association of University Women–taking a stand since 1881.   Stand with us. HHL brings AAUW to the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. We welcome you to join us or support us.

Summer STEM Camp Event

Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst AAUW’s next event is titled, Let’s Help Promote Be Wise Stem Camp for Middle School Girls. Emily Hasasneh and Zoe Robinson will share experiences from Be Wise Camp. Ms. Hasasneh a former teacher/counselor at the camp, Ms. Robinson attended Be Wise for two years.

Program Vice President Kay Rasmusen will talk about collaborating with Medina AAUW Branch for a Work Smart Online workshop.

Time and place: November 20, 2019, 6:45 pm at Beachwood Branch Library, Room B

Read more in the HHL November/ December 2019 newsletter.

HHL and Northeast Ohio Branches Welcomed Jan Resseger at a Joint Event October 1, 2019

Jan posed the question What if Ohio helped instead of punished Ohio’s poorest schools? She cited statistics published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer that demonstrate the correlation between the average household income and education in each district with its standardized test scores. Read Jan’s talk. look at the Plain Dealer statistics, See how closely Ohio school report card grades trend with district income, and draw your own conclusion. Is it Ohio government that has “driven the bus into the ditch”?

Read about this program and much more AAUW news in the HHL October 2019 Newsletter.

Next HHL event will be November 20 at the Beachwood Library, Room B to discuss Be Wise STEM Camp.

Kendra Davis Inspired Ohio Members

Kendra Davis, AAUW senior vice president for advancement and partnerships, pointed the way and reinforced steps in AAUW Ohio’s two-year strategic topic Women’s Economic Security/Pay Equity: Two Sides of the Same Coin as she spoke with members at the AAUW Ohio Fall Summit in Worthington on September 28, 2019.   Read more at AAUW Ohio’s website

Fellowships and Grants Applications Are Open

Applications are now open for AAUW’s Fellowships and Grants. Deadlines are as early as November 1. Read more

NCCWSL Registration Is Open

AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) is the premiere leadership event for college women in the US. Attend NCCWSL and unlock your leadership potential!

  • When: May 27–30, 2020
    Where: University of Maryland Campus
  • Register by February 16 to save $100

Join or Pay Membership 2019-20 Dues

Join or easily renew your membership online.  Online payment is secure and fast. What a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and continue to help women achieve equity in education, economic security, and leadership positions. Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst Branch membership pay by mail. Join us to make an impact.

Learn To Negotiate: Work Smart Online Is Free

Did you know that 57 percent of men try to negotiate their salary but only 7 percent of women do?  Wait! Did you say 93% of women do not negotiate their salary package?  AAUW thinks that should change.

AAUW introduces Work Smart Online — a free salary negotiation course to help women earn the pay they deserve!

This easy, engaging e-tool will teach you . . . . Read more on our Family Life Issues page.

A Good Read – Do It Now

This story is fun to read. Catch it while it’s still online at the national site. Katie Wynn’s negotiating skills were sharpened by AAUW’s Work Smart Online.

Training 10 million women in salary negotiation is central to AAUW’s goal of closing the gender pay gap by 2030. AAUW offers both paid, in-person workshops and the free, online workbook for negotiation. Try Work Smart Online today. More than just reading or listening, this course guides you through preparing and practicing to negotiate your salary and benefits package.Try Work Smart Online today.


Ohio’s Legislators Get Grades

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network has released its scorecard relating how well the last Ohio legislative session measured on advancing policies that lead to equity for women and girls.  Read the WPPN’s Legislative Scorecard today; be ready to make your voice known to your legislator now and at voting time. Too much trouble? Use AAUW’s online Two-Minute Activist.

Read more about current Ohio legislation to watch on AAUW Ohio’s site here.


Speaking Out

Your advocacy is needed to protect and extend equal rights. If it were easy to call or write your members of Congress wouldn’t you do it? AAUW’s Two Minute Activist makes it easy to do just that.  All it takes is two minutes and an internet connection. To sign up on our national website; click here.  We work hard for equity for women and girls and civil rights.  Our Two-Minute Activist has gone mobile. Check out the app for your phone. Details are available here at our national website.

Where We Stand on Title IX and Compliance

Title IX is not just about athletics.   Title IX covers access to course offerings and financial assistance and much more. It mandates that each school have a Title IX compliance officer.  Read more on our Title IX advocacy page and get the Department of Education Title IX compliance resources.

Meryl Johnson, Our State Board of Education Member

Meryl Johnson represents Ohioans in 27 school districts; she has visited every one of them. Read more  about Meryl and her work on our Education in Ohio page.

Do You Know a Recent College Graduate?College Students at Graduation

Let e-student associates know they automatically become national members for one year at no cost to them.  If you are an AAUW member, check the Member Center – Current Members page to find a perfect gift for other college graduates.
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Give a little; give more–it’s your choice.  We welcome new members; membership is not by invitation.  The American Association of University Women (AAUW) empowers women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. Our nonpartisan, nonprofit organization has more than 170,000 members and supporters across the United States, as well as 1,000 local branches and 800 college and university partners. Since AAUW’s founding in 1881, our members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political.

AAUW’s Diversity Policy
In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks an inclusive membership, workforce, leadership team, and board of directors. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.